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Idubbbz bad unboxing by Kira-Mint-Tsuneo Idubbbz bad unboxing :iconkira-mint-tsuneo:Kira-Mint-Tsuneo 3 0 Dragons in Places episode 3 by Kira-Mint-Tsuneo Dragons in Places episode 3 :iconkira-mint-tsuneo:Kira-Mint-Tsuneo 4 0 Nail Biter by Kira-Mint-Tsuneo Nail Biter :iconkira-mint-tsuneo:Kira-Mint-Tsuneo 10 2 Raccoon #264 by Kira-Mint-Tsuneo Raccoon #264 :iconkira-mint-tsuneo:Kira-Mint-Tsuneo 4 0 It places the lotion in the basket by Kira-Mint-Tsuneo It places the lotion in the basket :iconkira-mint-tsuneo:Kira-Mint-Tsuneo 5 0 Lego by Kira-Mint-Tsuneo Lego :iconkira-mint-tsuneo:Kira-Mint-Tsuneo 4 0 Two Lovely Uncles Fanart by Kira-Mint-Tsuneo Two Lovely Uncles Fanart :iconkira-mint-tsuneo:Kira-Mint-Tsuneo 7 0 Shio Contest Entry by Kira-Mint-Tsuneo Shio Contest Entry :iconkira-mint-tsuneo:Kira-Mint-Tsuneo 12 3 Asian Pizza by Kira-Mint-Tsuneo Asian Pizza :iconkira-mint-tsuneo:Kira-Mint-Tsuneo 11 4 chihuahua addict by Kira-Mint-Tsuneo chihuahua addict :iconkira-mint-tsuneo:Kira-Mint-Tsuneo 10 1 Lief Fanart by Kira-Mint-Tsuneo Lief Fanart :iconkira-mint-tsuneo:Kira-Mint-Tsuneo 9 3 *blocks your path* by Kira-Mint-Tsuneo *blocks your path* :iconkira-mint-tsuneo:Kira-Mint-Tsuneo 6 0 Thomas the tank engine by Kira-Mint-Tsuneo Thomas the tank engine :iconkira-mint-tsuneo:Kira-Mint-Tsuneo 19 11 sushitrash by Kira-Mint-Tsuneo sushitrash :iconkira-mint-tsuneo:Kira-Mint-Tsuneo 16 1 REEEE by Kira-Mint-Tsuneo REEEE :iconkira-mint-tsuneo:Kira-Mint-Tsuneo 4 0 Aquamarine by Kira-Mint-Tsuneo Aquamarine :iconkira-mint-tsuneo:Kira-Mint-Tsuneo 42 2


[Draw my OC] Contest closed
Update/ 02 October: This contest is now closed. Thank you to all who entered. Stay tuned for future announcements (aka "doing updates on mobile is tough, so please give me time to use my laptop properly" :icondignitylaughplz:)

Oh hey there! Do you want my money? Well you're in luck because I'm looking to give it away! yay  All you have to do is draw my Final Fantasy 14 character, Shio! Wow! Desu cheeks
Star! Objective Star! 
Create an illustration of my FFXIV character, Shio. Super easy!

^^ Please make sure to click this banner! It provides up-to-date info and visual refs for Shio! ^^

Star! Rules
:iconhiiragi-san:Hiiragi-san 242 133
Pulverulant by Iris-May-Ayame Pulverulant :iconiris-may-ayame:Iris-May-Ayame 5 0
[CLOSED] CONTEST! Win 3060 Points, Art, and More!
CONTEST ENDED!! See the winners here:

1st Place
:bulletpurple: 2030 Points!!
2000 from me Inlinverst and 30 from NightChao 
:bulletblue: A free fullbody cellshaded clean commission from me Inlinverst
:bulletblue: A colored bust from VampireSiberian
:bulletblue: A chibi detailed sketch from shindianaify
:bulletgreen: An Artist Feature from me!
:bulletgreen: 50% off commissions, a critique and a llama from shindianaify
:bulletyellow: (Accepting donations!)
2nd Place
:bulletpurple: 770 Points!!
750 from me Inlinverst and 20 from NightChao 
:bulletblue: A free fullbody cellshaded sketch commission from me Inlinverst
:bulletblue: A hal
:iconinlinverst:Inlinverst 83 147
The Second Trio Art Contest! [CLOSED]
Two years ago, I held an art contest for Mael, Ada, and Ria.
I think it's about time they get another one.

The Contest:
The goal is to draw at least two of the three members of the trio. You can draw them doing whatever you want, as long as it fits a medieval-fantasy world (more on that below). You are free to include other OCs (yours, mine, or whoever else's you have permission to use) and change their outfits.
To enter, you just have to:
Favorite this journal.Leave a comment saying that you're entering.Submit an entry (there is no limit to the number of entries).Put a link to this journal in the description of your entry.Post the entry in the comments or note it to me.

The contest will end at midnight on December 31, 2016.
The prizes are:
  First place:
1200 pointsFullbody commission
  Second place:
1000 pointsHalf body commission  Third place:
800 pointsHalf body C
:iconmr-sage:Mr-Sage 30 89
Win $100 Art Contest (CLOSED)

First place winner will get $100 sent to their paypal account or points equivalent
Second place winner will get $50 sent to their paypal or points equivalent
Third place winner will get $25 sent to their paypal or points equivalent
All of the winners will be getting a portrait sketch from the lovely :iconkatagro: like this;

If we get MORE entries than expected myself and :iconthornbeast: might even offer art prizes on top of that for the winners and honorable mentions such as;

How to enter and Rules;
You must draw any one of the pairs listed below. (This means you have to draw two characters!)
All art must be your own, tracing is not tolerated.
Collaborations are permitted so long as all parties are li
:iconpiecreature:PieCreature 184 680
Art Trade Sketch  by xMistressEcchiCatx Art Trade Sketch :iconxmistressecchicatx:xMistressEcchiCatx 13 2 Art trade by o-SpiritInTheStars-o Art trade :icono-spiritinthestars-o:o-SpiritInTheStars-o 10 9 Bamboo by agorandy Bamboo :iconagorandy:agorandy 10 5 Dance with me by Mikajolly Dance with me :iconmikajolly:Mikajolly 28 15 Nuclear by xXDirtyBloodXx Nuclear :iconxxdirtybloodxx:xXDirtyBloodXx 2 0 On The Prowl by DaniBeez On The Prowl :icondanibeez:DaniBeez 13 6
Mature content
2p!F.A.C.E. x teen!reader- She's growing up(ch.8) :iconeriko-neko:eriko-neko 94 219
Jackrabbit by MoonwalkingHorse Jackrabbit :iconmoonwalkinghorse:MoonwalkingHorse 7 8 Caught it by destroyer3124 Caught it :icondestroyer3124:destroyer3124 21 13 Soft kitty by andley666 Soft kitty :iconandley666:andley666 6 4
2p!F.A.C.E. x child!reader- She's...alright(ch.20)
Dyah came back with a sigh. "Yo Pete. You got two options. You can make a little run for me later on today"
"What do I have to do for it?"
"The things you might need are one of my guns, some papers, and I might have you hide a little white in your hat"
"I'll take the other option!"
She shrugged, "Works for me. Next week, I'll need you to give some money to my uncle I-"
"N-nevermind!! I-I'll take the first one!", he quickly changed his answer.
 "Goes to show how much people hate to see him. Guess I still gotta do it. Whatever. You got a couple of hours. I'm not that bad of a person, so I'll give you free time with (name) for those hours. Do what you two want! Just no babies", she waved before leaving once again.
You smiled widely and touched your cheeks. "You hear that, Petey?!", you take his hand as you both look at each other. You look down then move your shoulders up, awkwardly. "So uhm, what do you wanna do?"
Peter touched your chin. He kissed your cheek a few times before touc
:iconeriko-neko:eriko-neko 179 66



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Mikey-Michael Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You're too dank for your own good
Ahuhuhu I love your art my dude
Kira-Mint-Tsuneo Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2017   Digital Artist
oh wow thank you, you're too kind!
EmilyFerret88 Featured By Owner Edited Jan 24, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
when do you think requests will be open? 
Kira-Mint-Tsuneo Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2017   Digital Artist
Oh I just closed them because I started getting too many at once, but I can definitely open them back up now. Would you like to request something?

Also thanks so much for the watch!
EmilyFerret88 Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
can you draw please? 
Kira-Mint-Tsuneo Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2017   Digital Artist
yep, it will be done within a week
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L0ra2 Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2016  Student General Artist
Hi there ^^ 
I was wondering if you are still taking requests? 
Kira-Mint-Tsuneo Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2016   Digital Artist
Yeah :) what would you like?
L0ra2 Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2016  Student General Artist
Can you draw my OC Black Rose? :D
(CPOC/Proxy) Black Rose Reference Sheet
Kira-Mint-Tsuneo Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2016   Digital Artist
Sure thing! although it might be a little while because I have a couple other requests plus I might post something of my own in between the requests
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